CNG Price in Sindh Increased by Up to Rs 17

The CNG Association has increased the price of compressed natural gas in Sindh by Rs 17 per kg after which CNG now costs Rs 140 per kg. According to CNG station owners, the price had to be increased after the imposition of additional sales tax on liquefied natural gas. They have contacted the government for talks on the matter, said CNG station owners.

Petrol is currently selling for Rs 112.69 per liter, however the CNG with the latest increase has now become expensive by nearly Rs 28 compared to petrol. Thus the benefit of using CNG in vehicles has become almost negligible. However the increase in CNG prices is expected to result in the fares of public transport to go up as well since majority of public transport uses CNG instead of petrol or diesel.

On Monday, CNG stations across Sindh reopened after a closure of 2 weeks. A gas shortage persisted in the province after two LNG gas fields and the Engro LNG terminal were closed for yearly repairs.

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