Colorful Roads in Chongqing City, China

The city of Chongqing in central China is building colorful roads & they will open for the traffic next year. Total investment for this road-building novelty is 1.2 billion yuan or 190 million USD.

The colored roads are part of a particularly difficult-to-navigate overpass in the city’s Nan’an District. Chongqing city is almost entirely built up on mountains, so building roads over there is always a challenge. According to the city administrators, they have painted the roads in colors for various reasons:


First it looks good and will thus attract attention to the city. Secondly the paint is ‘wear-resistant’, which means less maintenance costs. Third is the fact that the surface is anti-slip, which is very useful in rainy conditions in Chongqing. And lastly they believe the colors will reduce drivers’ distraction because they will be looking at the road, instead of at something else.

Painted roads are something quite new & interesting but if it’s to beautify the city, they can try painting the roads in more colors rather than black, green or red.


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