Changan Mazda Teases New Electrified Sedan Ahead of the 2024 Beijing Auto Show Debut

Mazda’s Chinese joint venture with Changan has teased a new electric sedan on social media, offering a glimpse of its silhouette and other details ahead of its debut at the 2024 Beijing Auto Show. The Japanese carmaker has also confirmed it will come in both fully electric and plug-in hybrid variants, built on a platform developed by Changan.

Changan Mazda has previously announced two debuts for 2024, internally codenamed J90A (fully electric) and J90A-REEV (range-extender plug-in hybrid). These will be followed by the J90K and J90K-REEV in 2025, further expanding the local lineup. Mazda has trademarked the EZ-6 and EZ-60 nameplates in China, with the former being a strong contender for the upcoming electric sedan and the latter likely reserved for an electric SUV.

Teaser Mazda EZ6 01

Chinese media reports that the new Mazda will ride on Changan’s EPA1 architecture which already underpins the Deepal/ Shenlan SL03 sedan and the closely related S7 SUV. The platform is compatible with fully electric and plug-in hybrid powertrains, with the latter using a 1.5L four-cylinder gasoline engine as a range-extender.

Changan Mazda Teaser Deepal SL03 2048x1152

Even in terms of design, the teaser images show to a great extent that the upcoming Mazda EZ-6 will be largely similar to the Shenlan SL03 and might have only mild cosmetic differences. Its distinctive character line and similar aerodynamic shape are reminiscent of other Changan-branded designs. Furthermore, the full-width taillights are seen tucked beneath the rear spoiler, just like the Shenlan SL03.

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Seen as a potential successor to the discontinued Mazda6 (Atenza), the mid-size model might be limited to the Chinese market. However, in Europe, the automaker recently trademarked the Mazda 6e moniker, fueling rumors about a new generation of the midsize sedan. It’s unclear whether this model will be related to the Changan-based sedan or if it will be a separate offering tailored for Western markets.

Teaser images of the upcoming Changan-based Mazda

Changan Mazda hasn’t provided a specific date for the debut of the new sedan, only stating that it is “coming soon”. However, during the 2024 Changan Automobile Global Partner Conference last January, chairman Zhu Huarong confirmed that the EV would be unveiled at the 2024 Beijing Auto Show, which opens its doors on April 25th.

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