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Continental Presents New Self-Inflating Tire Concept

Continental has presented its new C.A.R.E. (Connected. Autonomous. Reliable. Electrified.) technology concept, which is aimed towards providing a flexible tire management solution for electric and autonomous driving, such as modern robo-taxi fleets.

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According to the company, sensors are built into the structure of C.A.R.E. tires, which continuously assess data relating to tread depth, possible damage, tire temperature and tire pressure. This monitoring system, dubbed ContiSense, is capable of transmitting information on the condition of the tires to ContiConnect Live, allowing fleet managers to remotely manage the condition of the tires.

The C.A.R.E concept has the ability to actively regulate the pressure of the tires, by means of centrifugal pumps built into the wheel. As the vehicle accelerates, the centrifugal forces within the wheel act on the pump to generate compressed air that is kept in an integrated tank.

The company refers to this technology as PressureProof, and it says the technology will use this air to rapidly adapt the tire pressures to various driving situations, ensuring that they are kept within the ideal range to improve efficiency and reduce CO2 emissions.

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Continental is yet to confirm when the technology will make its way to production, however it says that C.A.R.E. tires will also be beneficial to improve the efficiency of privately-owned electrified and self-driving vehicles beyond just meeting robo-taxi fleet requirements.

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