Daihatsu TAFT Concept at Tokyo Auto Salon

Daihatsu, one of the biggest rivals of small car maker Suzuki in Japan showcased the Taft concept at the Tokyo Auto Salon. The crossover style kei car will go against the likes of Suzuki Hustler when launch towards the middle of this year.

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Although the Taft moniker was first used on a 4×4 SUV introduced back in 1974, where it stood for Tall Almighty Four-wheel Touring vehicle. Since the new one will be offered as a front-wheel drive model (with optional all-wheel drive, as is usual in Japan), the acronym has been changed to Tall Almighty Fun Tool.

The design features octagonal headlights and a beefy bumper, boxy black plastic fender flares, skid plates and an upright glasshouse with squarish side windows. The Taft comes with a large glass sunroof and a “flat, easy-to-use luggage space.”

Inside, the Taft exhibits a blocky dashboard with vertically oriented orange-trimmed air vents. The center console gets an orange rectangle surrounding the horizontally oriented air vents & gear lever whereas a touchscreen display panel sits on top. Daihatsu hasn’t released technical information however a 660cc naturally aspirated as well as turbocharged engine is likely to be on offer.

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