DFSK Launches Fengon (Glory) SUVs in UAE

DFSK has launched the Fengon range of SUVs for the first time in the UAE in collaboration with local partner Green Motors. The Fengon range is another export name for DFSK’s Fengguang (in China) series which is sold under the Glory badge in our part of the world.

Five new SUV models mixed between 5-6 and 7 seats were unveiled and available for customers starting from AED 59K. These include Fengon 500, Fengon 580, Fengon ix5, Fengon ix7, and Fengon 600 SUVs.

dfsk green 3

DFSK is known to make significant strides in the automotive industry with its cutting-edge and eco-friendly technology-driven SUV product lines, incorporated with smart features, cutting-edge infotainment systems, and lots of other options to meet the expectations of different consumer requirements. The brand has established its name in the Southeast and South Asian regions and is now ready to tap the Middle Eastern market.

dfsk green 2

At the launch event, Mr Du Xianjun, the Deputy General Manager of DFSK commented:

“The DFSK brand launch in Dubai is a historic moment as the UAE is a vital strategic market for the brand. DFSK places high importance on close collaboration with its dealer partners and we are extremely excited about our partnership with Green Motors. With a shared vision to offer excellent products, providing professional training and after-sales service, we aim to ensure customers have the best car-buying experience. We hope to deepen our strategic partnership with our local partners and bring more diverse products to the UAE market, catering to customer needs and achieving mutual success.”

dfsk green image 01

Mr Ammar Johmani, the General Manager of Green Motors Co. while speaking at the launch event, said:

“Our mission at Green Motors is to build value, leverage world-class expertise, and implement best practices to ensure sustainable superior performance for our customers. With the visionary leadership of His Excellency Chairman Ahmed Ali Bin Khalfan Al Dhahery, Green Motors has flourished with its premium offerings providing customers with the latest models of Fengon by DFSK equipped with high safety features and affordable technology. We believe that the future of Green Motors is very promising with sustained growth as we embrace innovation and efficiency while providing customer-centric solutions to elevate the driving experience.”

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