Did You Kow? PSO’s Green Plus Diesel Wasn’t Greener..

Pakistan State Oil (PSO) will introduce an environment-friendly diesel in January 2017 to allow motorists to have a better driving experience across the country. PSO Managing Director & CEO Sheikh Imranul Haque told The Express Tribune:

“Sulphur content in the new diesel quality will be 90% lower than the present, adding the better-quality diesel would carry 500 parts per million (ppm) sulphur content against 5,000 ppm in the diesel currently available at our fuel outlets.”

According to Mr. Haque, the company would start importing and marketing the new diesel quality in January 2017. Modern engines require better quality fuel for optimum performance and improve emission standards thus reducing environmental pollution.

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pso_adHowever, 500 ppm is not the finest quality diesel in the world. More than two dozen countries have already shifted to the diesel having ultra-low sulphur content of 50 ppm only. PSO, which is currently busy in replacing the out-dated motor gasoline (RON87) with better quality RON90, along with other oil marketing companies may shift to the ultra-low-sulphur diesel (50 ppm) in the coming years.


Although PSO is about to receive the first shipment of RON92 petrol, it will only sell RON90 in the market. “We will sell a mixture of imported RON92 and low-quality petrol being produced by local refineries. On average, the available petrol at fuel stations will be RON90,” said Imranul Haque.

RON90 will be sold at a higher price compared to RON87 and will be available from the first week of November. The two improved-quality fuels – petrol and diesel – will give PSO an edge to increase its market share. According to Haque, currently PSO has an average market share of 55-56% in all kinds of petroleum products. However, one may expect the diesel prices to go up once the company starts to sell better quality diesel in the country.

Full Story: The Express Tribune


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