FAW Free Checkup Service

FAW is offering a free checkup service for its light vehicles which include the V2 hatchback, Carrier pickup and X-PV minivan. From 15th April to 3rd May 2019, the free checkup service will be available as per the schedule given below.

15th AprilKarachiFAW Apollo Motors
17th AprilLahoreFAW Sajjad Motors
18th AprilGujranwalaFAW Gujranwala Motors
19th AprilFaisalabadFAW Lyallpur Motors
22nd AprilFaisalabadFAW Faisalabad Motors
23rd AprilSargodhaFAW Sargodha Motors
24th AprilRawalpindiFAW Rawalpindi Motors
24th AprilLahoreFAW Momentum Motors
25th AprilJhelumFAW Jhelum Motors
25th AprilSahiwalFAW Montgomery Motors
26th AprilMultanFAW Multan Motors
26th AprilAbbottabadFAW Abbottabad Motors
29th AprilBahawalpurFAW Bahawalpur Motors
29th AprilIslamabadFAW Islamabad Motors
30th AprilRahim Yar KhanFAW Rahim Yar Khan Motors
30th AprilMirpur A.KFAW Kashmir Motors
2nd MayMardanFAW Mardan Motors
3rd MayPeshawarFAW Peshawar Motors
2nd MayKarachiFAW SITE Motors
3rd MayKarachiFAW South Motors Karachi

The vehicles will be inspected by Chinese engineers who have specially come for this campaign. However this isn’t the first time FAW is arranging this service, the ‘Free Checkup’ campaign is run every year to facilitate FAW customers and is used to gather information and customer feedback which helps the company to make improvements in its products.

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As per our sources, an improved version of the FAW Carrier commercial pickup is also going to be present at the campaign and will be available for test drive too. Furthermore FAW customers will get free oil filter and free AC inspection, as well as a chance to win special prizes via lucky draw.

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