Lada X-Cross 5 Debuts in Russia as a Rebadged FAW Bestune T77

After Western and Japanese automakers left the nation in the midst of the Russian invasion of Ukraine, which began in February 2022, there has been much discussion regarding the growing dominance of Chinese automobiles in Russia. And that Chinese influence keeps growing really quickly.

Lada has looked to China for support after the Renault Group abandoned it. The outcome is the new Lada X-Cross 5, which was introduced in Sochi, Russia, at an AvtoVAZ dealer conference. The crossover, in fact, is a FAW Bestune T77 SUV that has been given a new name for the Russian market.

Lada X Cross 5 21

The Lada X-Cross 5 and the FAW Bestune T77 are identical save for the badging. Interior and external panels, as well as the dual-screen digital cockpit, are all exactly similar. The same holds true for the 1.5L turbocharged petrol engine under the hood, which generates 160 hp and sends power to the front axle via a 6-speed manual or a 7-speed automatic transmission. Thankfully, compared to the previous engines offered by Lada, this powertrain is substantially more advanced in terms of technology and specifications.

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The Lada X-Cross 5 for the Russian market will be made at the former Nissan-owned AvtoVAZ St. Petersburg facility. The SUV’s price is anticipated to be comparable to that of its FAW Bestune T77 twin, which currently has a starting price of RUB 2,169,000 ($26,570) in Russia. Predictably, a variety of SUVs and sedans from China will join the first new production model in Lada’s post-Renault period as the company tries to streamline its operations and concentrate on creating vehicles that are in high demand.

Lada X Cross 5 4

Not just Lada, but other Russian automakers are already selling vehicles with Chinese names under their brand. The JAC JS4 SUV was first made available under the resurrected Moskvich brand in late 2022. Chinese automakers may sell up to 800,000 new cars in Russia in 2023, according to industry analysts, who estimate that they would account for about 35% of total sales.

Lada X Cross 5 3

Partnerships and collaborations with Chinese automakers seem to be playing a bigger and bigger role in the developing automotive sector of Russia as the market there continues to change.

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