Geely Unveils Hydrogen Fuel Cell Bus

Chinese automaker Zhejiang Geely Holding Group has introduced two zero emission buses developed by its new energy commercial vehicle subsidiary– Yuan Cheng. The two zero-emission buses are the F12 hydrogen fuel cell bus and C11 pure electric bus.

The F12 is Geely’s first commercial vehicle which utilizes hydrogen fuel cell technology. The bus can run over 500km after just 10 minutes of refueling and has an energy consumption rate of 7.5kg of hydrogen per 100km. Yuan Cheng provides a range of pure electric, range extended, hydrogen, and methanol smart buses between 6 and 12 meters long.

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The hydrogen F12 bus was developed in response to China’s national new energy policy and as part of Geely’s continuing R&D into fuel cell technologies. Lin Xiaohu, Deputy General Manager of Geely New Energy Commercial Vehicle Group said:

“Geely New Energy Commercial Vehicle Group has been positioned as a technology leader in the field of new energy commercial vehicles since its conception. We will always strive to create the safest, greenest, most energy-efficient refined vehicles in the world.”

Geely is now taking domestic orders for the F12 bus, and will provide breakdown diagnostics for the F12 and 24-hour surveillance, both delivered remotely. Along with maintenance checks and parts replacements, the automaker will offer fleet management and financing services for those purchasing the buses.

The Chinese government aims to have 5,000 to 10,000 fuel cell vehicles on the road by 2020, along with at least 100 hydrogen refueling stations to service them. Yuan Cheng employs 1,000 engineers, and the unit plans to expand orders mainly by teaming up with bus companies in outlying areas, many of which are state-owned operations. The F12 is being made in plants in the provinces of Sichuan and Shanxi so that Yuan Cheng can swiftly capture customers in both northern and southern China.

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Geely, which sold 2.15 million vehicles last year, is one of the top-5 sellers of new-energy vehicles in China. It also offers a ride-hailing service, CaoCao, which uses green vehicles. In March, Geely bought a 50% stake in Daimler’s Smart brand of compact vehicles. Under the joint venture, Geely and Daimler will put new electric vehicles on the market in 2022.

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