Geely’s Zeekr Launches 800V ‘Golden Brick’ LFP Battery

Geely’s Zeekr brand has unveiled a lithium iron phosphate (LFP) battery called the Golden Brick, which boasts a claimed peak charging power of 500 kW, enabling a 10-80% state of charge to be achieved in just 15 minutes.

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According to Zeekr, the Golden Brick LFP battery is “super safe”, as it has held up to extreme tests including exposure to the extreme cold of -45 degrees Celsius for 8 hours, exposure to the heat of 1,000 degrees Celsius, and still functioning once it was installed back into a car.

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The brand claims it is the first mass-produced LFP battery with a volume utilization of over 80% (at 83.7%) thanks to an optimized sandwich structure, ultra-thin separators, and an integrated tray design. The Zeekr 007 will be the first production vehicle to be sold with this battery when it goes on sale in China on December 27.

2024 Zeekr 007 China 3

The major components of the ‘Golden Brick’ LFP battery are covered in a high-voltage-resistant insulation film with a golden appearance, thus the name, which enhanced resistance by 27%. The battery pack is also water resistant, with an IPX8 grade for ingress protection.

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In addition to demonstrating the battery’s endurance to severe temperatures, Zeekr has shown the ‘Golden Brick’ battery being immersed in water for 48 hours and pulled through the mud for 3 kilometers. Following these tests, the battery was replaced in a vehicle and found to be properly functional. Zeekr also put the battery through crush and impact tests, driving a 22-tonne roller over it and dropping it from a crane at a height of 10 meters, with no smoke, fire, or explosion.

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