Nissan Celebrates 90th Anniversary with JDM Specials

Nissan was established on December 26, 1933, and is on the verge of celebrating its 90th anniversary. To commemorate this significant milestone, the “90th Anniversary” collection is being launched in Japan.

The lineup consists of five distinct models: the electric Sakura kei car, the Leaf electric hatchback, the Note and Note Aura hybrid hatchbacks, and the Serena minivan. Surprisingly, the more exciting Fairlady Z and GT-R are not included in this group.

nissan 90th anniversary models

The special edition automobiles have similar black and copper body details, as well as dark wheels and more copper within the cabin. Hood decals are an addition that Nissan offers as a dealer-installed option. In addition, customers may get floor mats embroidered with “90th Anniversary” in addition to other novelties like a unique license plate frame.

Nissan 90th Anniversary special edition models

Nissan is also holding a special exhibit at its global headquarters from today through December 27 to commemorate its 90th anniversary. Displays along the wall and floor of the Nissan Walk* highlight the history of the company since its founding on December 26, 1933. Thousands of people pass through the Nissan Walk daily between Yokohama Station’s East Exit and the Minatomirai area, making it the perfect place to publicly showcase Nissan’s illustrious past and its ambitions for the future.

nissan wall

In addition, Nissan Crossing Gallery first launched in 2021 on VRchat, allows the brand to expand its online engagement with customers and fans alike. The new worlds include the brand’s 90th-anniversary logo, among other features. Users can interact with Nissan’s history, viewing many heritage cars including some classic Skylines as well as test-driving the Tama electric vehicle from 1947! The more recent all-electric Sakura mini-vehicle can also be driven around.

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