Ghandhara Nissan Procuring Plant and Machinery for Brownfield Project

Ghandhara Nissan Limited (GNL), revealed that it is in the process of procuring plant and machinery for the Brownfield Project. According to a notification sent to the Pakistan Stock Exchange (PSX), the company is also working on the capacity enhancement of the plant to meet the forecasted sales volumes.

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According to the statement:

“The manufacturing team had visited Nissan Motor plant, in order to get familiar with the Datsun assembly process as per Industry’s best practices and to finalize the Machinery & Equipment requirements for the manufacturing facilities. Apart from this, Nissan engineers have frequently visited the plant for the support of manufacturing preparation.”

According to Ghandhara, its dealer development team is currently working to find out the potential locations in major cities as part of the network development plan. The company has also shared the request for quotation with its potential vendors for the targeted parts and is working on supplier development as well.

GNL stated that the country’s economy witnessed quite a few challenges over the recent past that have a significant impact on the affairs of automobile industry in general and its Datsun project in particular. These challenges mainly include devaluation of local currency against US Dollar, tightening measures by Central Bank like increasing discount rate to ensure macro-economic stability, etc.

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In March 2018, manufacturing and licensing agreement between Nissan and Ghandhara was signed, that will see the local production of Datsun models in Pakistan. In the initial stages, the company will likely introduce 1.2 liter Datsun Go hatchback, and Go+ 7-seat MPV in our market.

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