Govt to Charge ‘Radio Fee’ on New Cars

The government will charge a one-time Rs 500 after the senate committee approved a ‘radio fee’ on the first-time registration of different kinds of vehicles in Pakistan.

Chairing a meeting of the Senate Standing Committee on Information on Monday, Senator Fauzia Arshad along with Senator Syed Waqar Mehdi, and Senator Irfan Siddiqui maintained that more than 3 million cars were registered annually and they all use radio. It was proposed that if a radio fee of Rs 500 is charged at the time of the registration of a new vehicle, Radio Pakistan could earn Rs 15 billion annually. The committee went on to unanimously approve this proposal.

It should be noted Radio Pakistan has been facing severe financial constraints for a long time due to mismanagement by successive governments. According to the committee, it was extremely regrettable that retired employees of Radio Pakistan were not receiving their pensions on time. The committee members said:

“In these days of inflation, it is agonizing and unbearable for the elderly retired employees to make ends meet without pensions. Necessary measures should be taken to ensure the timely payment of salaries, pensions, and medical facilities to employees.”

The Rs 15 billion that will be generated annually via the ‘Radio Fee’ on new cars will help generate the necessary revenue for Radio Pakistan. The committee directed the Radio Pakistan director-general to present a comprehensive plan recommending solutions to the problems being faced by Radio Pakistan and to take it out of the financial crisis.

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