Honda Atlas Introduced a New Civic Variant Called Turbo Oriel

Honda Atlas has introduced a new variant to the 10th gen Civic lineup in Pakistan called as the Turbo Oriel.

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According to company, the new trim will cater to the desires of Oriel consumers who want an added zing in their drives. The Civic Turbo Oriel is equipped with 1.5 liter VTEC turbocharged engine mated to a responsive continuously variable transmission (CVT). It boasts a hi-grade interior and comes with smart key equipped with a remote engine starter.

In terms of exterior styling, it has distinctive black sporty grill, dual exhaust pipe and the VTEC Turbo Oriel emblem. Besides the aforementioned, it has all the standard safety systems, which include Electric Parking Brake (EPB), Auto Brake Hold (ABH), Vehicle Stability Assist (VSA), Anti-Lock Braking System (ABS), Hill Start Assist (HSA), Emergency Stop Signal (ESS), Reverse Camera as well as SRS airbags.

In terms of price, the Turbo Oriel slots below the flagship Honda Civic Turbo RS variant and is open for booking at Rs 4,249,000 and is backed by 3-years/ 75,000 km company warranty. With the inclusion of this latest variant, the complete Honda Civic range is priced as:

Civic 1.5 RS Turbo PKR 4,479,000
Civic 1.5 Turbo Oriel PKR 4,249,000
Civic Oriel 1.8 i-VTEC CVT PKR 3,779,000
Civic 1.8 i-VTEC CVT PKR 3,549,000
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