Honda BR-V Needs Defibrillator Treatment

The Honda BR-V 7-seat MPV was introduced in Pakistan in 2016. Although it was supposed to be a practical and affordable seven-seat vehicle, the BR-V hasn’t been able to live up to expectations for Honda, even after being on the market for nearly 8 years.

Sales of Honda BR-V peaked in FY207-18 with 8,684 units sold rendering a monthly sales average of 723 units. Over the years, however, the sales average kept nosediving to reach a point when only 2,296 units were sold in FY2020-21, for a monthly sales average of just 191 units. But things just didn’t stop there.

honda br v cover

Last year, Honda decided to combine the sales numbers of the BR-V with the then newly introduced HR-V, just like it does with the Civic & City. The combined figures are shared primarily to camouflage the dismal individual sales numbers of these vehicles. Nonetheless, while this appears to be an attempt to sweep the facts under the rug, the perception that emerges is awful for the company.

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So far during the first 5 months of this fiscal year, Honda has managed to sell only 833 units of HR-V and BR-V combined, this alone renders a sorry sales average of 166 units a month for the duo. But if we hypothetically divide the number between the two, assuming 50% of sales are shared between these two vehicles, then the individual monthly sales number is just 83 units, which is alarmingly low.

br v hr v

Furthermore, according to an analysis of the PAMA statistics, Honda built 1,453 units of the two during the discussed period of the previous fiscal year, but it was only able to sell 1,099 of them, meaning that 24% of the units remained unsold. This year, 833 units have been sold so far out of the 1,255 units produced, which means 33% of the units (of the two vehicles) are lying unsold at the company’s disposal.

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Moreover, the data shows us that not a single unit was produced in October 2023, and only 2 were produced in November, which means Honda appears to be only clearing out its unsold inventory and is facing a tough time doing so with all the discounts, promotions, and incentives being offered.

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Interestingly, despite being far more expensive than the BR-V, sales of the likes of Hyundai Tucson and Haval SUVs have been exceeding expectations. The Honda BR-V, which on paper is a more practical option with two additional seats (compared to the aforementioned pricey 5-seaters) and widespread availability of parts & after-sales support, should have sold at a considerably higher rate than any expensive crossover on the market. It even boasts an unmatched positioning since it has no real competitors out there, but sadly, sales performance is falling woefully short of expectations.

br v int

Many people believe that the quality, especially in the interior, is subpar. For a car that now costs a whopping PKR 62.99 lac for the iVTEC-S trim, the materials utilized should have been far better. Furthermore, given the kind of bells and whistles Chinese CUVs possess, the list of features in BR-V isn’t all that extensive. Remember that poor sales forced the discontinuation of the other two variants that were previously offered.

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Not to mention that the Honda BR-V was discontinued in India and Malaysia due to sluggish sales. But in markets where BR-V does well, such as Indonesia, Philippines, Thailand, and even South Africa, it is the newer generation model that debuted in late 2021. But in Pakistan, Honda has been dragging the globally obsolete one, which is perhaps another reason why the vehicle has lost its charm.

PIMS 2022 Honda BRV 1

To expect Honda Atlas to bring the new 2nd generation BR-V to Pakistan looks like too much to ask, considering the worsening economic situation of the country. However, with the current sales trend, continuing with the BR-V is perhaps not very profitable for the company either. The BR-V is in dire need of defibrillator treatment to uplift ailing sales, otherwise, with an average of less than 100 units a month, who knows Honda might have to bid farewell to the 7-seater in Pakistan very soon.

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