Honda Pakistan Suffered Lowest-Ever Sales in 2023

Undoubtedly, 2023 was the worst year for the local auto industry due to a number of factors that included decreasing consumer purchasing power, rising inflation, import restrictions and supply chain disruptions, expensive auto financing, rising prices from exchange rate fluctuations, and flattening car sales.

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While almost every auto assembler in Pakistan experienced terrible sales in 2023, Honda was undoubtedly the worst impacted. The only vehicle that did somewhat better on paper was the HR-V, and that too because it was introduced in the latter part of the previous year, so full-year sales in 2023 were bound to be more than that of 2022. Honda managed to sell 1,952 units of HR-V in the calendar year 2023 rendering a dismal monthly sales average of only 162 odd units. In comparison, 1,271 units of HR-V were sold in 2022.

honda civic city

City was the table topper for Honda with 5,888 units sold between January and December 2023. However, compared to the previous year, sales were down by 70% since 19,860 units were sold in 2022. Sales of the Honda Civic also suffered from a 70% decline compared to 2022, with sales coming down from 6,623 units last year to just 1,967 units in 2023.

honda br v cover

BR-V remained the worst performer for Honda. With just 854 units throughout the year, its sales average has crashed to a miserable 71 units per month. Compared to 2022, BR-V suffered from a 74% decline in sales as 3,253 units were sold last year.

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Overall, with 4 locally assembled models in the lineup, Honda Atlas managed to sell only 10,661 units in calendar year 2023, down by 66% compared to 31,007 units in 2022. Not to mention, in its glory days, Honda sold 51,494 units in FY2017-18 comprising of only 3 locally assembled models, the Civic, City, and BR-V.

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