Honda Ye EV Lineup Unveiled in China

Like other Japanese automakers, Honda has fallen way behind in the EV race. In an effort to catch up in the fiercely competitive Chinese EV market, Honda has launched a new portfolio of electric vehicles that will only be sold exclusively in China.

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Honda Ye EV 1 850x445
Honda Ye EVs

Called Ye, the new EV brand will consist of the P7 and S7 SUVs as well as the GT Concept sedan. The Ye EVs will be making their first appearance at the upcoming 2024 Beijing Auto Show scheduled to open doors next week. According to Honda, the P7 and S7 SUVs are due to go on sale in China by the end of the year.

Honda Ye EV 2 850x445
Ye S7 and P7

Both vehicles appear to be almost identical, featuring a wraparound windscreen design, sloping rear windscreen, and thick D-pillars that look reminiscent of that of the China-only Avancier and UR-V. The distinctions are mostly found in the front and rear treatments. The P7 has standard C-shaped headlights and taillights, while the S7 has X and H graphics at the front and back, respectively.

Honda Ye P7

Features like side-view cameras and flush pop-out door handles, which were originally seen on the Honda e, are shared by both models. They also have the new Honda branding, which debuted with the 0 series. It consists of the spaced-out Honda script at the back and the borderless, vintage-style H logo at the front. Unlike previous Honda EVs, the charging ports are located on the front fenders, rather than on the fascia.

Honda Ye S7

The P7 and S7’s interior design builds on the model of the HR-V-based e:N1 with a big portrait-format touchscreen in the center and a widescreen digital instrument display in front of the driver. Other features include an AI-based voice control system and an illuminated dash and door card that will light up based on certain functions. No mechanical details as yet, but it’s been confirmed that the P7 and S7 will be offered in rear- and all-wheel-drive configurations.

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Meanwhile, a new EV that will go on sale by the end of 2025 is hinted at by the GT Concept. With the same X-shaped head- and taillight graphic as the S7, deep fender air vents, a Formula 1-style rear fog light, and what looks to be a split rear windscreen—similar to the previous CR-Z and Insight—this low-slung four-door has a significantly sportier design.

Honda Ye GT Concept

However, Honda has really gone crazy inside, with an abundance of red accents, a steering wheel that nearly looks like a yoke, and no fewer than six screens—two for the front passenger and one in the center console that looks to be a touch-based gear selector. This offers an “immersive space similar to a private theater,” according to Honda.

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By 2027, Honda expects to have introduced ten electric vehicles (EVs) in China when the six Ye models are coupled with the e:NP1 and e:NS1, the e:N1’s Chinese-market variants. The Japanese automaker intends to become a leading EV brand in the Middle Kingdom by 2035.

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