Hongqi HS5 Undergoes Bizarre Testing in China

Before being released onto the road, every automobile must pass a demanding series of crash tests. However, the crash test we are going to share with you is unlike any that you might have ever seen. A Hongqi HS5 SUV is seen in recent videos posted on X (formerly Twitter) and TikTok being assaulted, battered, and set on fire—and best of all, surviving it all.

The video (which can be seen at the end of this post) begins with a massive flaming wrecking ball slamming into the passenger side of the vehicle, which the HS5 amazingly absorbs. That’s about it; it dents the doors and triggers the side airbags.

Hongqi HS5 compact SUV crash test 20

The Hongqi then travels through a field of minor explosions before collapsing into two brick walls. Finally, they drop a small hatchback (Changan Alto) on its roof, barely denting the top of the SUV, before it can drive away on its own. Don’t be surprised by the mention of Changan Alto, since Suzuki was once a joint venture partner of Changan in China and most Suzuki cars were made by Changan to be sold in the Chinese domestic market.

Hongqi HS5 compact SUV crash test 11

In the second TikTok video, two reviewers are shown evaluating the Hongqi immediately after the wrecking ball collision, and despite the damage, they manage to unlock the affected passenger side door.

Hongqi HS5 compact SUV crash test 28

Hongqi models are designed to be durable. China’s President Xi Jinping and his entourage travel in armored Hongqi N701 limos. It’s unclear whether the SUV in the video is also an armored vehicle used by the government, though the explosions imply it might be.

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