Hyundai and Kia Surpass 1.5 Million EV Sales Worldwide

South Korean motoring duo Hyundai and Kia revealed that their joint electric vehicle sales have crossed the 1.5 million mark as of December 2023. The significant milestone comes 12 years after the automaker introduced the first EV model.

ev6 kia

Hyundai made its EV debut in July 2011 with the BlueOn, the domestic market version of the i10 minicar. The automakers reported that they collectively sold 516,441 electric vehicles in 2023, culminating in a total of 1.53 million EV units sold by the end of last year.

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Kona Electric, IONIQ 5, and IONIQ 6 were among the most popular electric vehicles by Hyundai, whereas the Niro EV, EV6, and the newly launched EV9 helped Kia emerge as a serious contender in the EV market. This year, Hyundai has plans to introduce the electrified version of the Casper mini car, while Kia is set to commence production of the EV3 compact EV model in the second quarter.

Hyundai Ioniq 5 1

Together, Hyundai and Kia are the world’s third-largest automakers by sales, trailing behind only Toyota Motor and Volkswagen Group. Hyundai expects to sell 4.24 million automobiles in 2024, slightly more than the 4.21 million sold the previous year. Meanwhile, Kia expects sales of 3.2 million units, a 3.6% rise from 3.08 million in 2023.

Ioniq 205 20vs 20EV6

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