Indus Motors Increase Prices for the 2nd Time in 3 Months

As indicated, Indus Motors (IMC) the assemblers of Toyota vehicles in Pakistan, has revised the prices of their vehicles for the second time within 3 months, in wake of appreciation of the US dollar and Japanese yen against Pakistani rupee.

The prices of Toyota Corolla have seen an increase of 75,000 to up to 100,000, while the Hilux & Fortuner have been revised from 100,000 to up to 300,000 depending on the variant. The new prices will be applicable from 22nd March 2018. The revised prices are as under:

Toyota Corolla

VariantNew Price (PKR)Old Price (PKR)Difference
GLI MT2,049,0001,949,000100,000
GLi MT SE2,159,0002,059,000100,000
GLI AT2,124,0002,024,000100,000
Altis 1.62,274,0002,199,00075,000
Altis 1.8 MT2,339,0002,264,00075,000
Altis 1.8 CVT2,464,0002,389,00075,000
Grande MT SR2,514,0002,439,00075,000
Grande CVT SR2,664,0002,589,00075,000

Toyota Hilux/ Fortuner

VariantNew Price (PKR)Old Price (PKR)Difference
Hilux Deckless2,319,0002,219,000100,000
Hilux 4×22,569,0002,469,000100,000
Hilux 4×2 (up-spec)2,599,0002,499,000100,000
Revo G MT4,374,0004,124,000250,000
Revo GAT4,599,0004,349,000250,000
Revo V AT4,949,0004,649,000300,000
Fortuner 4×2 (Petrol)5,849,0005,549,000300,000
Fortuner 4×46,199,0005,899,000300,000


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