Is Kia About to “Introduce” 2 More Obsolete Cars in Pakistan?

Kia Motors Pakistan on its official social media handles has teased what it calls an “Exclusive Premiere” of two vehicles. The teaser follows with the mention of V6 and EV to give a hint of these upcoming cars.

While the word “premiere” refers to the first public performance or appearance/ unveiling of something new & exclusive. In our market, however, it may as well define the “introduction” of obsolete/ globally retired models. Apparently, the two vehicles referred to as V6 and EV are the Stinger and Niro respectively.

These cars are not at all new to the public as these were part of the 4-vehicle convoy wrapped in #WeAreUnstoppable livery which was seen running on our roads back in 2020/21 as part of a marketing campaign that eventually saw the launch of Kia Sorento in Pakistan– another globally obsolete model. The convoy in addition to the Sorento consisted of Cerato, Stinger, and Niro.

kia unstoppable1
Kia’s 4-vehicle convoy featuring Stinger, Sorento, Niro, and Cerato (photographed in late 2020)

From the looks of it, Kia will continue to maintain its tradition of launching globally obsolete models since the Niro (shown in the teasers) has already been replaced with a newer generation model in 2021, while as reported on our blog multiple times, the Stinger will be discontinued within the next few months as the South Korean automaker has officially decided to axe the performance nameplate due to sluggish sales in global markets.

Kia Stinger will retire by April 2023

It is being speculated that Kia might import the CBU versions of both these vehicles to sell them in limited numbers. Or perhaps will get its hand on the kits with both these obsolete cars to continue their production run (only in Pakistan) just like the globally discontinued 2nd gen Picanto which was replaced by the 3rd gen model in 2017, more than two years before the obsolete one was launched in our country.

2022 Kia Niro 5 e1637815306665 850x356 1
New Kia Niro, that won’t be coming to Pakistan

Kia is yet to share more details about the vehicles, but it won’t be long before more information is available to us. Still, as far as the teasers tell us, the Stinger will have a V6 engine under its hood while the Niro will be offered in an EV guise. Want to add your input on this, use the comment section below.

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