JuneYao Auto Releases First Official Photos of Air EV in China

Electric Vehicles (EVs) have enabled companies that have never made an automobile before, to mass-produce EVs, at least in China. And such examples just keep popping up.

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The latest example is by JuneYao Auto (吉祥汽车) which recently revealed the official images of its first model, JuneYao Air in China. The design of the Air EV is based on “minimalistic aviation aesthetics” called Ultimate One-Box and according to the company, sits on a full-stack self-developed pure electric platform.

JuneYao Air

The front shows a closed fascia and triangular-shaped headlamps with an LED light signature extending well into the front bumper. The side profile adopts a fastback shape, paired with hidden door handles, triangular windows at the A and C pillars, and multi-spoke alloy rims. The minimally embellished rear end gets high-mounted slim full-width taillights and a ducktail spoiler.

JuneYao Air 2

JuneYao Air 4The car will also have a panoramic roof and will be available in 6 exterior color choices. Although interior images were not officially revealed at this stage, spy shots shared by Chinese motoring portals reveal a two-tier dashboard design with an LCD instrument panel behind the dual-spoke multi-function steering wheel, a large free-standing touchscreen multimedia unit, and a central tunnel with two cup holders and wireless charging pad.

JuneYao Air 3

JuneYao Air will be formally revealed to the media towards the latter half of 2024 and will go on sale in the Chinese market as a 2025 model thereafter. According to unofficial sources, the price tag will be set below 200,000 yuan (around $28,000).

juneyao air auto

JuneYao Auto is part of JuneYao Group, the parent company of JuneYao Airlines in China. Late in 2023, the parent company held a press conference on its aircraft to officially announce the new car brand “JuneYao Auto” and its “JuneYao Journey” strategy which includes launching a comprehensive travel solution based on JuneYao Auto’s first model, integrating with JuneYao Airlines to provide users with a one-stop travel experience such as airport pick-up and drop-off, airport parking, and destination car rental.

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