Kia Car Prices in Pakistan Increased by Rs 350,000

Selected Kia models in Pakistan will now cost more, according to Lucky Motor Corporation (LMC). Picanto Automatic, Stonic EX+, Sportage AWD, and Sportage Black Edition prices have all increased by as much as Rs 350,000.

While the company hasn’t cited a reason for the hike, it is obvious that the increase has come in the wake of the depreciating currency value against the US Dollar which now stands at Rs 311 versus $1. Revised Kia car prices are effective from the 6th of September 2023.

Models Old Prices
New Prices
Picanto Automatic Rs 3,825,000 Rs 3,950,000 Rs 125,000
Stonic EX+ Rs 6,050,000 Rs 6,280,000 Rs 230,000
Sportage AWD Rs 8,820,000 Rs 8,920,000 Rs 100,000
Sportage Black Edition Rs 9,300,000 Rs 9,650,000 Rs 350,000

This is the 7th price revision LMC has made for Kia cars since the beginning of this calendar year. Like other automakers in Pakistan, Kia’s traction has greatly declined due to Pakistan’s ongoing economic issues. How much this latest price increase will help the company combat the ailing sales or its profits, only time will tell.

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