Tips to Save Money and Make Your Car More Fuel-Efficient

Fuel prices have gone berserk and have broken all previous records in Pakistan. With breaching the Rs 300 per liter mark, the expensive fuel makes it increasingly difficult to afford the cost of transportation.

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Fortunately, there are some simple ways that can be taken to help reduce fuel costs and save money. Read below:

Improve Your Driving Style

The first step in saving fuel is to drive more efficiently. Avoid revving the engine too hard and drive with a gentle foot. This means avoiding rapid acceleration and hard braking, as this can cause a significant amount of fuel to be wasted. It is also important to maintain a steady speed when driving, as this can help to reduce fuel consumption.

Well-maintained Car Delivers Optimum Performance

Another important step in saving fuel is to keep your car well-maintained. Making sure that the engine is running efficiently and at its optimal level can save a great deal of fuel, as can ensuring that the car’s tires are properly inflated. In addition, it is important to keep the car as well as its oil/ air filters clean, as dirt and debris can cause the engine to work harder and thus use more fuel than necessary.

Plan Your Route Wisely

It is important to plan ahead when driving. By planning the route ahead of time, it is possible to avoid unnecessary stops and U-turns, which can waste fuel. Also, try opting for a route where you can drive in higher gears for a longer time rather than routes that require frequent gear shifting between lower gears. Remember, a shorter route with congested traffic and frequent gear shifting will consume more fuel than a slightly longer route with relatively less traffic & higher frequency of higher-gear driving.


It is also a good idea to combine errands and carpooling when possible, as this can help to reduce fuel costs. While going to the office, colleagues residing in nearby areas can use one car and share the fuel cost between them. Not only this will help save money, but will also result in reducing traffic congestion.

Opting for a More Fuel-Efficient Car

Not everyone can afford but if you have multiple cars at your disposal, start using the one that is more fuel-efficient. Remember not all small cars are fuel efficient, for example, a 5th gen Alto 1000cc (2000-2012 model) will consume more fuel than a modern-day 1000cc Cultus (Celerio). Also keep in mind, when carpooling, a smaller car (say 660cc) having 5 people on board will consume more fuel than a 1000cc Cultus/ WagonR or maybe even a 1200cc Suzuki Swift with a similar number of people.

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By taking a few simple steps, it is possible to save fuel and money in the age of expensive fuel prices. With careful driving and proper maintenance, it is possible to save fuel and reduce the cost of transportation.

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