Lamborghini Revuelto LB744 Debuts as V12 Hybrid Beast

The Lamborghini LB744 now has a name: the Lamborghini Revuelto, the electrified successor to the Aventador debuting in the Italian marque’s 60th anniversary year. Revuelto is named after a Spanish fighting bull.

The Revuelto, a plug-in hybrid, is Lamborghini’s first V12 to feature electrification in a series production model. The drivetrain’s electric component works in tandem with a brand-new 6.5L naturally aspirated V12 petrol engine, which generates 814 horsepower and 725 Nm of torque. It is Lamborghini’s most potent 12-cylinder engine yet, and at 218 kg, it’s also one of its lightest; in fact, it weighs 17 kg less than the V12 in the Aventador.

Lamborghini Revuelto 02

The engine is mated to a new 8-speed dual-clutch automatic transmission, and the V12 has been rotated 180 degrees relative to the Aventador engine since the Revuelto’s gearbox is now transverse-oriented and situated behind the engine to allow space for the battery pack in the center tunnel.

Lamborghini Revuelto 08

The Revuelto’s electric drive system consists of three motors: one 150 hp/ 150 Nm motor acting on the rear axle and two 150 hp/ 350 Nm motors working on the front axle, which also provide torque vectoring for the front wheels. Combining petrol and electric power yields a total of 1,001 hp, making it the first Lamborghini to have more than 1k horsepower. When the launch control is used, the Revuelto can reach from 0 to 100 km/h in 2.5 seconds, and 200 km/h in less than 7 seconds, and can reach a top speed of 350 km/h.

Lamborghini Revuelto 06

The Revuelto is the first Lamborghini to feature advanced driving assistance systems (ADAS), including active lane departure warning, lane change warning, adaptive cruise control, rear cross-traffic alert, and adaptive headlights.

Lamborghini Revuelto 11

In terms of design, the stylistic similarities between the Revuelto and the Aventador are obvious, but the Revuelto appears leaner and more athletic than its predecessor, and the widespread use of the characteristic Y-motif in the DRLs, side air intakes, and rear lights makes it even more readily recognizable as a Lamborghini.

Lamborghini Revuelto 23

There are three screens on the inside: a 12.3-inch instrument cluster, an 8.4-inch center display, and another 9.1-inch display. This is powered by a connected infotainment system that can receive over-the-air updates, and the Lamborghini Unica smartphone app allows the driver to keep track of the car’s fuel level, battery charge, electric range, and exact location while parked.

Lamborghini Revuelto 26

The Revuelto’s cabin retains the Y-shape theme from the exterior, and the ‘feel like a pilot’ philosophy is applied to the dashboard, which also incorporates the Y-shape. The Revuelto has 26 mm more headroom and 84 mm more legroom than the Aventador Ultimae, its predecessor’s final edition.

Lamborghini Revuelto 29

The gear selector and its u-shaped reverse lever, as well as the slightly chintzy flip-up cover for the starter button, are carried over from the Aventador, but the steering wheel and the 13 various driving mode configurations it controls are new to the Revuelto. Corsa-Tex fabric composed of Dinamica microfiber is used in the Revuelto cabin and can be combined with leather when specifying interior trim; up to 70 color variations are available. Meanwhile, the Revuelto is available in up to 400 exterior paint schemes.

Lamborghini Revuelto 18

While this standard LB744 is just the start, of course. It will be followed by roadster and SV models in the coming years. Lamborghini is yet to disclose pricing for the new Revuelto but is expected to disclose them in forthcoming weeks.

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