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MG Leads Another Surge in Chinese New Car Sales in Australia

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For the first time ever MG (Morris Garages) has stepped into the Top 10 for Australian new-car sales in February 2021. Finishing in 8th position ahead of Volkswagen, this is also the first time in Australian automotive history that a Chinese brand has emerged among the Top 10.

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According to official data released by the Federal Chamber of Automotive Industries (FCAI), MG led the way for Chinese models, selling 3,017 units last month witnessing an increase of more than 160% compared to the same month last year.

The trend echoes across all Chinese-made vehicles, with GWM posting a 170% increase compared with the same month last year while LDV posted a 79% increase in sales.

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China was the 4th largest source of new motor vehicles in Australia with a total of 5,013 vehicles sold during February, behind South Korea (12,305), Thailand (17,458), and Japan (29,438). It the second month in a row that Chinese vehicles have outsold models from Germany and the US in Australian market.

The data follows 2 years of strong growth for Chinese manufacturers, with more than 30,000 vehicles sold in 2020 – a 70.9% increase from year 2019. GWM and LDV together make up 5.9% of the light commercial segment, closing in on Mazda, which has 6.1% share of the market, and beating Nissan (4.5% share).

Country of origin new-car sales data:

Source Country February 2021 Sales Percentage Change
Japan 29,438 up 20.1%
Thailand 17,458 down 7.9%
Korea 12,305 up 11.3%
China 5,013 up 152.4%
Germany 3,370 down 41.9%
England 2,247 down 3.6%

The way Chinese cars are climbing up the charts, it is expected that they will catch up to the Korean brands in near future. Certainly this is a very impressive start of year 2021 for the Chinese cars in the competitive Australian market.

Source: Car Advice

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