Neta Exhibits 2 Models in UAE as it Accelerates Overseas Expansion

Neta is a mainstream NEV brand launched in Hozon Auto in China in 2018. In terms of sales volume, Neta is the 10th largest NEV brand in China, selling a combination of compact passenger electric hatchbacks, sedans, and performance EVs.

While it may not be among the top players in the highly-competitive Chinese EV market, the brand in hardly 5 years of presence is doing exceptionally well in overseas markets and is aiming to amplify its global expansion plans.

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Affordable Neta electric cars are already quite popular in the ASEAN region and the company has just finished the construction of its plant in Thailand to make right-hand drive (RHD) versions of its cars. The line-off ceremony recently took place on the 30th of November when the Neta V-II EV rolled off the production line. Thailand will also serve as a manufacturing hub to export RHD Neta cars to the region.

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Neta declared its entry into the Middle Eastern markets in October, followed by the announcement that it will begin selling cars in Latin America, starting from Costa Rica. Furthermore, Neta plans to start operations in Europe after signing a memorandum of understanding with BNP Paribas. By next year, Neta aims to sell over 100,000 EVs in over 50 countries and intends to reach a 1 million annual sales milestone by 2026.

Neta S and Neta GT in UAE

In the UAE, Neta recently showcased two versions during the Formula 1 Grand Prix. They brought the Neta GT Coupe and Neta S electric sedan to Yas Bay Raceway. As per Neta, this occasion marked the beginning of a new era for the brand in the Middle Eastern market. In order to expedite its journey, the company struck a strategic collaboration deal with EIH Automotive & Trading in the United Arab Emirates and has already begun exporting its automobiles to the region. The Neta S and Neta GT were so far exclusive to the Chinese domestic market, which means the UAE will likely become the first foreign market to welcome these vehicles.

Neta S

Neta S1

Neta S is a four-door sedan with scissor doors having dimensions of 4,980/1,980/1,450 mm and a wheelbase of 2,980 mm. For reference, the Toyota Camry XV70 measures 1,910/1,840/1,445 mm with a 2,820 mm wheelbase. So the Neta S is much larger than the Camry we have here, essentially making it a D-segment class offering.

Neta S2

It comes available in BEV and EREV powertrains. The all-electric Neta S with RWD has a 231 hp electric motor on the rear axle. The 4WD version produces 462 horses. The driving range falls between 520 and 715 km. The EREV version has a 1.5-liter ICE and a 231 hp e-motor mounted at the rear axle. The combined driving range is around 1160 km. The Neta S in China is priced between 159,800 – 269,800 yuan ($22,560 – $38,090).

Neta GT

Neta GT 2

Neta GT is a four-seat, two-door coupe measuring 4,715/1,979/1,415 mm and has a wheelbase of 2,770 mm. It rides on Shanhai architecture that also underpins the Neta S sedan. Its RWD option has the same 231 hp e-motor found in Neta S. The 4WD version has a dual motor setup for 462 horses. Depending on the battery, the Neta GT can achieve a driving range of 560 to up to 660 km. In China, the Neta GT is priced between 178,800 – 235,800 yuan ($25,240 – $33,290 ).

Neta GT

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