New Toyota Land Cruiser Prado Imagined As a Pickup

Toyota just unveiled the new Land Cruiser J250 for the North American markets that will be sold with a Prado moniker in other parts of the world. The new Land Cruiser’s design has drawn mixed reviews. Some believe a more utilitarian model could have been more appropriate because the rough and retro styling isn’t for everyone.

Nevertheless, digital artists have already started to come up with their creativity. The guys at Theottle have imagined the new J250 Land Cruiser as a double-cabin pickup truck. Based on Toyota’s success with other utilitarian models around the world, this may actually be worth a shot.

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Toyota has seen immense success with the Hilux pickup truck around the world, while the larger Tacoma and Tundra are restricted to the North American markets only. The idea of a new Land Cruiser pickup truck, if moved into production, will give Toyota an opportunity to offer a bigger pickup than the Hilux in global markets.

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However, with Toyota set to introduce a new generation Hilux within a couple of years, it is likely that the forthcoming model will borrow styling cues from the new J250 Land Cruiser Prado. Besides, Toyota is also reportedly considering launching a small pickup truck based on the Corolla Cross.

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