Next Generation Volkswagen Golf to be an EV

The current generation Volkswagen Golf is due for a facelift this year. However, as Volkswagen aims for its new model sales to be fully-electric by 2030, it’s likely that the Mk8 Golf will be the last generation of the iconic model to be offered with an internal combustion engine (ICE). According to reports, the VW Golf is set to go electric in the form of an entry-level ID.2 in the near future.

The entry-level ID.2 has been completely redesigned and rumor has it that the compact hatch will borrow the iconic Golf name. With the sudden rise of EVs, slowly taking over the industry, Volkswagen is planning on keeping the Golf name alive by mating it with the long-awaited ID.2 Urban EV.

Volkswagen 20ID2 20exclusive 20images

After ending production of the e-Golf electric car in 2020, with confirmation from a Volkswagen spokesperson, VW decided to focus on new generation electric vehicles. Volkswagen recently brought back former Audi and Bentley designer Andreas Mindt, to help lead the German automaker’s vision.

Volkswagen 20ID2 20exclusive 20images02

The production version might make its way in the next couple of years, as it is scheduled for late 2025. In a recent interview, Volkswagen’s COO Thomas Schäfer said:

“The Golf name has huge value. The recognition it receives, people absolutely understand what we are talking about. So to change the name to something completely different doesn’t make sense.”

When it arrives, the ID.2 will be the first VW to be based on the MEB-Plus platform, an updated version of today’s widely used MEB electric-vehicle architecture featuring new LFP (lithium-iron-phosphate) prismatic battery cells and charging speeds between 175 kW and 200 kW, among other developments. The ID.2 initially is planned to be offered in single-motor, front-wheel-drive form only. However, the MEB-Plus platform will support dual-motor, all-wheel-drive models.

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