Pak Suzuki Denies to Have Reduced Car Prices

While most auto assemblers in Pakistan have announced a reduction in car prices due to strengthening PKR value against the US Dollar, Pak Suzuki is yet to do so.

However, of late, a notification has been circulating on social media regarding Suzuki’s revised price, which according to a Suzuki spokesperson is fake. According to that notification (pictured below), Pak Suzuki reduced prices for its vehicles from Rs 50,000 to Rs 110,000 depending on the model and variant.

suzuki face prices
Fake price list about Suzuki’s revised car prices

The company suffered from a 34% decline in sales during Q1 of the current fiscal year compared to the same period of FY22-23. It is not yet known whether Pak Suzuki will formally announce a price revision or will retain its current car prices. The current prices of Suzuki vehicles in Pakistan are:

Variant Price (PKR)
Alto VX Rs. 2,251,000
Alto VXR Rs. 2,612,000
Alto VXR AGS Rs. 2,799,000
Alto AGS Rs. 2,935,000
Wagon R VXR Rs. 3,214,000
Wagon R VXL Rs. 3,412,000
Wagon R AGS Rs. 3,741,000
Cultus VXR Rs. 3,718,000
Cultus VXL Rs. 4,084,000
Cultus AGS Rs. 4,366,000
Swift GL MT Rs. 4,256,000
Swift GL CVT Rs. 4,574,000
Swift GLX CVT Rs. 4,960,000
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