Pak Suzuki Won’t Cut Down Production

Pak Suzuki, country’s largest auto assembler has announced that it will neither cut down production nor resort to plant shutdown in weekdays. Earlier Honda Atlas and Indus Motor Company (Toyota) had announced to halt production in specific days amid slowdown in vehicle sales.

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The company also assured its vendors that the production targets of 2019 remains same as those fixed at the start of year. According to some vendors, Pak Suzuki would produce over 76,000 units in the second half of this year, compared to 60,000 unites rolled out in H1.

In fact Pak Suzuki sees this as a huge opportunity to fill the vacuum of used small cars, the imports of which had been curbed by the government through various measures from January onwards.

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According to vendors Pak Suzuki also has the advantage of making low-priced cars on which the federal excise duty (FED) imposed in budget 2019-20 is also low compared to bigger models being produced by Indus Motor Company and Honda Atlas where the impact of FED is higher.

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