Personalizing Cars – Aimed for Female Drivers

For those that hold their metallic buddies as close to their hearts as their significant others, personalization might not come off as even a slight surprise. Although we hardly see examples of this sort scattered in our streets, with only but some cars engulfed exquisitely by the owner’s taste.

Personalization can be a great way to give your ride the attention it deserves out on the streets or just to make it feel more like home even. In an otherwise pretty bland, mostly grey-scaled crowd, a bit of color and jazz is enticing, to say the least.

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Many consider their cars a rather dear part of themselves, and female car owners most likely share the sentiment. For the girls out there, a little glamor can never be a bad idea, can it now? Whether you drive a sedan, SUV, or the humble hatchback, you can always turn your ride into a giant beauty.

Toyota Vitz Jewela is specifically aimed for female buyers

You can accessorize it yourself. If not, just go for certain versions of cars primarily assembled for women. Within the list of such vehicles, we have the Vitz Jewela, Toyota Passo, Kia Picanto, Mazda Carol, etc., which are ready as ever to take off in their stunning collection of tints, accessories, and adorable looks.

Accessorizing Your Car

Does the idea of stunning up your ride a bit lure you in but… not sure where to start? Or all the above-mentioned cars all great, but well, just not your cup of tea? There are some effortless and conventional accessories that you can use to make your generic car more yours, such as:


ACE Alloy D707 Candy Pink 4

Well here’s a small tidbit: for most people, the shoes are the first things they notice about someone they meet. Now, who can say the same won’t apply if the buddy you meet is made of metal and has a very questionable idea of a snack? Therefore, I say if you want to give your car an edge, go all out on the rims. To run the extra mile, you can always invest in limited edition rims which are manufactured only a handful.

Custom Paint Job

custom paint

One of the must-to-do modifications that might come to your mind when thinking about making your car stand out is a custom paint job. Beware though: where it gives your car a brand new look, it also will leave you one kidney less of a girl, along with lowering your car’s resale value.


15 8 8cm omg passed by a girl girls vinyl car sticker Beauty Temptation Body Car.jpg Q90.jpg

Stickers on your bumper, mirror, and back screen can change the outlook immensely.

Interior Lightning

int lighting

Interior LED lights are one of the coolest modifications you can make in your car. Pakistani markets, as well as online stores, are rife with LED lights that can transform your car entirely. Mind the installation, however. Grab hold of a professional if need be.

Vinyl Stripes


Vinyl strips are easy to apply and remove as well yet they make your car look so much cooler especially if you have a Sudan.

Car Wraps

pink fortuner

As compared to paint jobs, car wraps are available in a wider variety and retain the value of your car, plus with better affordability.

Seatbelt Covers

2016 03 162B11.11.29

Wearing a seatbelt, important as it is, can also cause friction marks and allergies. Covers not only prevent rash but also give your belt a rather unique look. Also, they can be bought from any car store, and several online stores.

Vanity mirror

LED Mirror Car Sun visor Vanity 1

Makeup smudges easily, a gadget that comes in handy under such conditions is a vanity mirror. It takes minimal space and can be attached to the visor. Some also come with LED which can help you check your makeup on the go, even during the night hours.

Seat cushions

seat cover

Seat cushions, being easily adjustable can do wonders for your back and neck during long trips and are especially helpful if you have shorter height.

Hooks for Bags


Not many outfits made out for women bother with pockets and a huge amount of stuff that we have to carry makes the situation tacky unless you got a bag in the picture. These hooks can be hung on your seats, giving you plenty of space to hang your bags and purses.

Floor Mats

girls women s fashion cute cartoon hello kitty 5d customized car floor mats

These are available in a huge variety including, rubber, plastic, disposable, and magazine. You can purchase basic mats as well as custom printed ones, making your car, your kingdom.

Steering Wheel Covers

Luxury Crystal Purple Red Car Steering Wheel Covers Women Girls Diamante Rhinestone

These you can avail in a variety of colors and materials ranging from plastic to velvet to suit you as per your fancy. Not only do they allow more control over the wheel, but well, don’t most of them look pretty?

Some Other Accessories

car perfumes

Here are some other accessories and gadgets you can use to level up your car personalization game:

  • Door stoppers
  • Windshield cover
  • Perfume and air fresheners
  • Accessory holders (say for tissues and mobiles)
  • Ambiance lights
  • Other hanging ornaments

Dream Catcher Car Hanging Ornaments Feather Car Mirror Pendant Car Accessories For Girls Home Auto Interior

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