Porsche 911 ST Converted into 440hp EV

It’s not the first time we’ve seen a car with an internal combustion engine that has been modified to run on electric power. But attempting such a mission on a well-known and venerable 1970 special edition G-series Porsche 911 ST is a bold move.

Everatti, a seasoned professional in this field, has already successfully finished this job and the Porsche 911 ST EV it created is in fact operational. At the very least aesthetically, they have attempted to make the conversion as seamless as possible.

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The original 911 ST came with either a 2.0-liter or 2.4-liter engine. that propelled the rear wheels. Similarly, the electric Porsche 911 ST keeps the rear wheels spinning via electric motors that are said to generate 440 horsepower. Everatti claims that their product can reach 100 km per hour in 4.0 seconds. In terms of range, the Porsche 911 ST EV can travel up to 320 km before running out of charge.

The Everatti converted electric Porsche 911 ST

Other features of the electric Porsche 911 ST conversion include adjustable suspension, optional AC, power steering, and even Apple CarPlay. In addition, the vehicle supports both AC and DC charging.

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With the same broad fenders, deep dish rear wheels, a split front lip spoiler, hood vent, and hood straps, Everatti’s procreation undoubtedly fits the bill. It remains to be seen how it handles and if it can maintain the original 911 ST’s personality.

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