What Is Your Preference When Buying An Automobile?

It remains true that if you are satisfied with a product, you recommended it to others. Word of mouth and customer satisfaction play a very important role in determining market perception about an automobile. It is this market perception which determines the success of a particular automobile.

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But before recommending a product to others, what actually made you buy the car you own. There are several factors which influence our decision to go after a particular car, few of which are discussed below. Let us know what your preference is when it comes to buying an automobile.


A lot of people want to have a car that looks beautiful. That’s why automakers spend a lot of money to “design” a vehicle. Although a lot of emphasis is put on the car’s safety, performance and fuel economy, the foremost thing is “the first impression”- how the car looks. When you are “wowed” by the car when you first see it, the chances of you wanting to own it, are much greater.


In our market, this is probably the most important factor in making a car buying decision. The ‘Resale’ can be defined as the ability to easily sell a vehicle at certain point of time down the tenure of ownership. People want to have a car that can return the best of their money whenever needed.

Affordability/ Ease of Maintenance:

Most people opt for a car that can be maintained easily, depending on how much they can put on a car each month, their income & expenses, as well as the cost of spares and their availability, and fuel consumption of a vehicle.


The comfort of a vehicle is important to many car buyers. It’s important for a vehicle to have good driving position, ample space, comfortable seats and above all, the drive quality which enhances the comfort of a vehicle by dampening the uneven road beneath.


Although we are talking about family cars here, most buyers love to have a car with a powerful engine, sturdy suspension, ample torque and the ability to run on longer routes. With limited choices available among the locally assembled cars, people generally look for imported options when buying such cars.


A lot of people are loyal to a particular brand and are generally reluctant to go for anything else. This is mainly because of the reliability, trust and utmost satisfaction from a brand that’s built over a certain period of time.


Often overlooked by majority of car buyers in our market, ‘Safety’ remains a key preference for limited number of buyers in Pakistan. Now however, local automobile manufacturers are also starting to offer airbags and ABS as standard equipment, which does indicate the rising demand of safety equipment in locally assembled automobiles.

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What your preference is when it comes to buy an automobile. Let us know with your comments.

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