Proton Emerged as Bestselling Car Brand in Malaysia in July 2021

Proton emerged as the bestselling car brand in Malaysia in July 2021 with some astonishing sales figures influenced due to COVID-19 lockdowns. Proton sold 1,904 units to lead the sales charts followed by Toyota with 1,442 units and Mitsubishi at third place with 686 units. The habitual bestselling brand Perodua was down in fourth place with just 655 units while Honda, the second bestselling brand otherwise was further low at fifth position with just 70 units.

Why such a contrasting trend in sales? Well its because the Malaysian auto industry has been severely impacted by the forced closures of factories and showrooms, to help prevent he spread of deadly virus. So basically whoever has stock, can make some sales. But this also means that the market leader rarely has extra stock, and surplus is something that’s helping the rest of the brands post some sales during the dry period. Perodua which is the number 1 brand in Malaysia never had any surplus stock so with no production, its sales obviously suffered.

July 2021 Malaysia car sales data
July 2021 Malaysia car sales data

The gradual reopening of the manufacturing sector in Malaysia under the different phases of the national recovery plan has seen the resumption of vehicle production operations in certain states. So sales data in the forthcoming months will definitely show a different picture and Perodua may certainly bounce back with strong sales. However it will be interesting to see whether Proton will be able to maintain its momentum in future.

Proton in Pakistan

Proton with its local partner in Pakistan– Al-Haj Automotive, having launched X70 in December 2020 and Saga in February 2021 is facing severe backlash from its customers due to the inability to deliver the booked vehicles. According to company, the plant in Karachi is in final stages of development and will begin production once CKD shipment arrives from Malaysia. The company on its Facebook page informs customers that it will begin rolling out the first locally assembled Saga sedan within 45 days of lifting of lockdown in Malaysia.

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