Proton’s Miseries Continues as Two More Dealerships Part Ways

Proton’s troubling time in Pakistan continues as two more authorized dealerships have announced to part ways. This brings the total number of dealerships to 4, that have terminated their relationship with Proton within the last month or so.

Defence Motors (Lahore) and Ittehad Motors (Islamabad) are the latest Proton dealerships to say goodbye to Al-Haj Proton after Proton Lyallpur Motors (Faisalabad) and Proton Momentum Motors (Lahore) previously did so. This is the latest blow to Proton after a series of protests against the automaker for failing to deliver the vehicles for over 2 years, repeated unjust price hikes that were slapped on those who already made their full payments, and its own struggles to assemble the units locally.

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According to Defence Motors, their relationship with Proton Pakistan has ended, and this information is being made public for all parties involved. “Therefore, all warranty claims in the process of settlement or in future and pending refund claims or in future and delivery of vehicles and all other incidental matters will be dealt with directly with Al-Haj Automotive,” the letter stated.

Proton Defence

On the other hand, the second Islamabad-based dealership, Ittehad Motors, has given various justifications for ending its partnership with Al-Haj Proton. According to specifics, the main drivers behind this decision include the lack of information & clarity regarding delivery dates for vehicles reserved as far out as 2020, repeated price revisions despite late deliveries, and price revisions even after receiving full customer payments.

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The dealership also disclosed that Al-Haj Automotive frequently postponed cashing refund checks. The letter also stated that the company’s inability to supply parts and lubricants has caused delays in Proton car aftersales services. “Based on all facts, we have decided to resign from being an authorized dealership of Proton Pakistan,” the letter concluded.

When Proton announced its return to Pakistan after joining hands with Al-Haj Automotive, people had high expectations for it. However, the Malaysian automaker’s arrival has proven to be even more problematic than its previous venture in 2006, which many would argue was much better managed than the current one which is nothing short of a disaster.

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