Tesla Model Y Overtakes Toyota Corolla to Become World’s Best Selling Car in Q1, 2023

The Toyota Corolla has been dethroned as the bestselling vehicle in the world by the Tesla Model Y as of Q1, 2023 sales. This was predicted a few years ago by Tesla boss Elon Musk before the car was even launched and now it’s happened.

According to JATO Dynamics which collected data from 53 markets worldwide, in the first quarter of 2023, the Tesla Model Y remained the bestselling car in the world, selling 267,200 eclipsing Toyota Corolla’s 256,400 sales. This makes the Model Y the first EV to reach this milestone.

model y 2

The Model Y sales also witnessed a significant 69% increase compared to the sales from the first quarter of the previous calendar year. On the other hand, global sales of Toyota Corolla which comes available in several body configurations saw a decline during this quarter. The Corolla experienced a 29% decline in sales in China and a 10% drop in the North American market.

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Another recent report by JATO Dynamics revealed that the Tesla Model Y was the world’s bestselling EV for the full calendar year 2022. Model Y found more than 747,000 new customers last year, which is a 91% increase over the previous year. Nearly 44% of them were sold in China. However full-year sales were supposedly less than that of the Toyota Corolla. But if the current trend continues, it’s highly likely that Tesla Model Y will outpace the Corolla as the bestselling car in the world for the full year 2023.

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