The Trend of Decorating Cars on Wedding Day in Pakistan

Pakistani weddings are a grand affair, and the people leave no stone unturned in celebrating this momentous event. Weddings in Pakistan are not just about getting the bride and groom married; it’s a time when families come together to celebrate and rejoice. And one way to celebrate this big event is by decorating the wedding car extravagantly.

The practice of decorating cars on a wedding day is not a new tradition but has evolved from something simple to a ceremony in itself. When we look back to the history of decorated vehicles, we see many examples of how vehicles have played a crucial role in celebrations from ancient times. The origins of decorating cars can be traced back to the British Raj era, since then the trend of decorating cars has continued to evolve with the passage of time along with changing wedding trends in Pakistan.

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The decorated car has a lot of symbolism and plays a crucial role in traditional Pakistani weddings. Vehicles can be seen making an entrance that perfectly compliments the bride and groom as they are adorned with colorful ribbons, balloons, and flowers which add to the grandeur of the wedding.

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In recent times, the styling of decorated cars has evolved, and social media played a crucial role in its growth. Rarely does a day go by without a photo of a wedding car being shared on social media platforms like Instagram or Facebook. Social media has created a competitive environment with regard to car decorations, it has opened doors for small-scale vendors to flourish because the demand for decor has increased manifolds.

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The trend has also given small businesses opportunities for growth. Small-scale vendors make their living designing and installing car decorations. The rise of wedding planners and event management services has contributed to business growth, as the market was centralized to a few urban areas now spread all over Pakistan as the trend caught on.

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As a growing trend, it has not only found its way into wedding ceremony culture. In addition to weddings, car decoration is now common in corporate event promotions and political rallies, etc. However, as the trend gained momentum, the critics also raised their concerns. Some people think that the trend is trivializing and puts the focus on extravagance rather than the real purpose of the event. Some have concerns for the environment, the excessive use of fresh flowers, and pricing, which may become unaffordable for less affluent people.

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Nonetheless, car decoration is a crucial part of Pakistani weddings and gained popularity due to being a significant symbol for the events. It’s a way of conveying emotions, joy, and love to the people celebrating their special moments. The trend has indeed influenced Pakistani wedding culture and has become an essential aspect of wedding planning.

Some Extravagantly Decorated Wedding Cars in Pakistan

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