Pak Suzuki Alto on a Roller Coaster

Pak Suzuki the largest auto assembler in Pakistan is going through a turbulent period in the wake of the ongoing economic challenges and import restrictions which have led to low production and a string of non-production days that have caused a sharp decline in sales.

Comparing other assemblers, Pak Suzuki, which holds a market share of more than 50%, has had the highest sales decline and the greatest number of NPDs. And Suzuki Alto 660cc, Pakistan’s most popular vehicle, is under the most strain.

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As of the first 11 months of the current fiscal year FY23, Pak Suzuki has managed to sell only 33,466 units of Alto which is deplorable 47% less than the 63,711 units the company sold during the same period of the previous fiscal year. While Alto’s bestselling figures in a month are 9,817 units in March 2022, not to mention it breach the 9k sales milestone in a month multiple times last year, it has managed to sell just 5,852 units during the first 5 months of this calendar year.

alto 2

It is pertinent to mention that in 7 out of 12 months of 2022, Alto sales stood higher than the highest-ever monthly sales achieved by Suzuki Mehran, which was previously Suzuki’s and Pakistan’s highest-selling car. The monthly sales average of Alto has come down from 5,791 units (in 2022) to just 3,042 units a month in 11M-FY23 and a miserable 1,170 units a month in the first 5 months of the calendar year 2023.

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The situation of the local auto industry is so bad that despite the fact that sales numbers for Suzuki Alto, Pakistan’s most popular car, are dismal, it is still the most popular car in terms of volume. According to the data released by the Pakistan Automobile Manufacturers Association (PAMA), in 11 months of FY23, a total of just 92,554 units were sold in the country, which is 56% less than the 210,633 units sold during the same period in FY22. If the dwindling situation persists in June (most likely) then it will probably be the first time when the cumulative sales of PAMA member companies will remain less than 100,000 units in a fiscal year.

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