Are New Cars in Pakistan Really Worth the Outrageously Expensive Prices?

Buying a new car is a dream for many people in Pakistan, but with outrageously expensive prices, it’s becoming more of a nightmare. The prices of new cars in Pakistan are much higher than in neighboring countries like India and Bangladesh, which begs the question, are they really worth buying anymore? Let’s find out.

Price Comparison with Other Countries

First and foremost, it’s important to compare the price of new cars in Pakistan with other countries. India and Bangladesh, for example, have much lower prices compared to Pakistan. This can be attributed to various factors, including taxes and manufacturing costs, which are higher in Pakistan. The government imposes up to 18% sales tax on cars in Pakistan, which significantly increases the final price of the vehicle. Additionally, the manufacturing process in Pakistan is not as advanced as in other countries, which leads to higher costs.

Quality & Safety of New Cars in Pakistan

The quality of new cars in Pakistan is another factor to consider. Are they comparable to cars in other countries? The answer is no. Pakistani cars are not as technologically advanced or well-designed as those in other countries. The locally assembled new cars are obsolete or globally retired in most cases and fall well short of emissions, safety & equipment compared to their international counterparts.

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Due to the lack of sophisticated fuel-saving techs such as hybrids, eco-idling, regenerative braking, etc in Pakistani cars, they consume a lot more fuel compared to similar models of the same make sold in other markets. This is also reflected in the customer satisfaction levels, which are typically low due to subpar quality, lack of features & equipment, inadequate safety levels, frequent breakdowns, and expensive repairs.

Affordability of New Cars for Average Pakistani

The affordability of new cars is perhaps the most important factor to consider. To put things in perspective, the average income in Pakistan is around 30,000 PKR per month, while the price of new cars can range from PKR 2 to 3 million for basic entry-level hatchbacks. This means that the average Pakistani would need to save for several years to buy a new car, which is not a viable option for many. Financing options are available, but they come with high-interest rates (which currently stand at 21% as opposed to just 7% in March 2020), making the final cost of the car even higher & beyond the reach of many.

Alternatives to New Cars

Given the high prices of new cars in Pakistan, it’s worth exploring alternatives. Used cars have always been a popular option in the Pakistani market, and can be significantly cheaper than new cars. However, they have become outrageously expensive in tandem with new car prices and come with their own set of risks, such as tampered odometers, hidden damages, and the possibility of frequent repairs.


In conclusion, new cars in Pakistan are becoming less and less worth buying due to their outrageously high prices. Price comparison with other countries, quality of the cars, affordability for the average Pakistani, and alternatives to buying new cars show that this is an issue that affects the majority of the people of our country. While buying a new car is still a dream for many, it’s important to consider the viability of such a purchase given the current state of the market. In the end, it’s up to each individual to decide whether it’s worth it or not.

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