Toyota Again Remained the Most Valuable Automotive Brand in Interbrand’s 2020 Best Global Brands List

Toyota has been named the most valuable automotive brand in the world for yet another year in a row, according to Interbrand’s 2020 Best Global Brands list. In total, 15 automotive brands managed to take places in this year’s top 100 list.

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Toyota’s brand value was estimated to be USD51.595 billion, which is 8% less than last year, but still good enough to secure 1st place among automotive brands and 7th overall, only behind Coca-Cola, Samsung, Google, Microsoft, Amazon and Apple.

Mercedes-Benz retained its 2nd position among automotive brands and 8th overall with a brand value of USD49.268 billion, which is 3% less than previous year. BMW remained the 3rd most valuable automotive brand and 11th overall with a brand value of USD39.756 billion.

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With a significant 11% dip in brand value to USD21.694 billion, Honda secured the 4th position among automobile brands and 20th overall, followed by Hyundai which gained 1% in brand value of USD14.295 billion to take the 5th spot & 36th overall. Tesla which re-entered the top 100 list is at 6th position with a brand value of USD12.785 billion. According to Interbrand, Tesla’s strong return to the list is backed by an increase in market capitalization of 769% in 12 months and growing revenues.

Interbrand’s Top 100

Ford dropped to 7th place and 42nd overall after a 12% decline to USD12.568 billion. Brands in the VW Group occupied the next three spots, with Audi taking the 8th place (44th overall), Volkswagen in 9th place (47th overall) and Porsche in 10th (55th overall), with the German trio witnessing their brand values declined by 2% to up to 5%.

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Nissan, with an 8% drop in brand value to USD10.553 billion secured 11th place (59th overall), followed by Ferrari in 12th place (79th overall), followed by Kia in 13th place (86th overall), Land Rover in 14th place (93rd overall) and MINI in 15th place (95th overall).

Brands included in this list must meet several conditions, including having a significant presence in Asia, Europe, and North America, as well as geographic coverage in emerging markets. Additionally, at least 30% of revenue must come from outside of the brand’s home region, and there must be sufficient publicly available data on the brand’s financial performance. The economic profit must also be expected to be positive over the longer term, delivering a return above the brand’s cost of capital. Lastly, the brand must have a public profile and awareness across the major economies of the world.

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