Toyota to Discontinue Prius C in Favor of Corolla Hybrid

With the introduction of the new Corolla Hybrid, Toyota’s vehicle range is beginning to get a bit concentrated with small hybrid vehicles. Thus Toyota has decided to discontinue the Prius C compact hybrid hatchback, which is best known as Aqua in our part of the world.

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In US market since 2012, the Prius C served as the most affordable and smallest Prius variant but is outclassed by the new Corolla Hybrid, which has a superior EPA fuel economy rating and more power.

Toyota Prius C at 2012 North American International Motor Show

The Corolla Hybrid is rated at 53 MPG combined, while the Prius C returns 46 MPG combined. Additionally, the Prius C has a maximum output of 99 hp, whereas the new Corolla Hybrid makes 121 hp.

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According to Ed Laukes, Toyota’s Group Vice President of Marketing:

“The Prius C has served its purpose well and probably down the road you’re not going to see the Prius C. The transition to Corolla Hybrid (should be) in the next couple of months.”

It is unclear at this stage whether the Toyota Aqua will be replaced by Corolla Hybrid hatchback for the Asian region, however from the looks of it the new TNGA breed of Corolla will likely replace the aging Prius C variants around the world. Additionally, Toyota has also recently announced to end the production of Mark X luxury sedan in December 2019.

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