Toyota to Introduce Auto Engine Shutoff and Automatic Parking from 2020

Japanese automaker Toyota said it will begin introducing two key safety features in its cars from 2020 onwards. The first system shuts off the engine if it’s left idling for too long, while the other automatically engages park mode when the driver exits the vehicle without shifting it into park thus preventing the car from rolling away.

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According to information Toyota will upgrade its current system, which issues a two-step alert to request the driver to turn off a long-idling engine, to one that automatically shuts off the engine at a predetermined interval with enhanced audible and visual warnings on its Smart Key system, depending on equipment. An additional warning delivered via the Smartphone app will be introduced as well.

The second safety system, which Toyota calls Automatic Park, will either shift the vehicle into park or apply the electronic emergency brake if the driver exits the car without shifting the automatic transmission in park mode.

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The feature will be activated when the driver’s side door is opened, the driver’s seat belt is unbuckled and the brake is disengaged. Though Toyota hasn’t announced which models will initially benefit from these systems and whether the safety features will be added to its entire lineup or not. Moreover, it is also unclear whether the features will be restricted to certain markets or will be offered globally.

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