Toyota to Replace Blue Hybrid Emblem With a Dot

Since 2009, Toyota has used a unique emblem to signify its hybrid vehicles. The regular Toyota logo is accentuated with a blue halo on vehicles equipped with hybrid powertrains. However, you might have noticed that the all-new Camry does not sport the blue halo badge, despite being exclusively a hybrid.

toyota hybrid emblem

Instead, a look at the back of the sedan shows a blue dot on the trunk next to the letters ‘HEV’ (which stands for hybrid electric vehicle). Earlier in September, in an X post (formerly Twitter), Toyota revealed that the new circle is intended to symbolize its commitment to “the happiness of people living on earth and [its desire] to pass it on to the next generation.”

2025 Toyota Camry 1 2048x1366

As a result, according to a Toyota representative, the previous emblem with blue highlights will be replaced by the blue dot on Toyota’s new hybrids, plug-in hybrids, battery electric vehicles, and fuel-cell electric vehicles. Camry, Crown, and Prius models are the first to undergo this adjustment; other Toyota cars will follow suit shortly.

2024 Toyota Prius Prime 2048x1366

The blue circle is already apparent in teaser pictures on the back of the upcoming bZ3X, along with the initials “BEV” (for battery electric vehicle). Toyota wants to build a wide range of new energy cars, not just EVs, to meet its environmental goals, therefore incorporating the dot across many vehicles emphasizes that objective.

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