Toyota Launches the New 2024 Hilux Champ in Thailand

Almost a year after Toyota unveiled the IMV-0 concept in December 2022, the Japanese automaker has now formally launched the all-new pickup in Thailand dubbed the Hilux Champ.

The production version remains practically identical to the concept we saw before. Its exterior is all about utility with flat, squared-off edges without much frills. It also allows an easy way to replace bumpers and panels to reduce downtime in case of bumps and scrapes. The truck follows the mantra of ‘function over form’.

hilux champ

Toyota said it wanted to provide an “IKEA-like” approach with more options that can be quickly and easily installed. Behind the passenger cab, owners will be able to install modules for different activities, such as over-landing & hauling cargo, etc. Because the Hilux Champ pickup is designed primarily for commercial and utility use, rather than for pleasure, its interior is kept plain, with flat panels and hard plastic trimmings. Owners will be relieved that it has numerous storage compartments and a washable floor.

hilux champ int

Features include multi-reflector headlamps (base variant), LED projector lens (higher variants), power side mirrors, retractable antenna, 3-way loading bed opening, 3-way adjustable steering wheel, power windows (not available in the base model), adjustable seats with recliner, Toyota T-Connect system and 2 speakers. Safety features include dual airbags, ABS with EBD and BA, 3-point ELR seatbelts, and GOA structural safety.

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For engines, there are three options. The first is a 2.0L petrol engine from the old Innova, the 1TR-FE, followed by a 2.7L petrol unit dubbed 2TR-FE. The gasoline-fed engines make 137hp and 183Nm of torque, and 166hp and 245Nm of torque, respectively. The final option is the familiar 2.4L 2GD-FTV turbodiesel engine that also powers the entry-level version of the Hilux. Power figures are unchanged at 148hp and 343Nm. The 2.0L engine shifts with a 5-speed manual, while the other two are available with a 6-speed automatic gearbox.

Toyota Hilux Champ in Thailand

The base version is a cab and chassis model, but it can also be offered as a single-cab pickup with a long bed. Toyota also collaborated with numerous body assemblers to manufacture specialized bodies. Some examples include a delivery truck, a medical vehicle, a small business truck, a camping truck, and even a motorhome. It’s also worth pointing out that it can be specified in short or long-wheelbase guises with the latter offering a greater payload.

Various body iterations and utility examples

The entry-level 2.0L petrol variant is priced at 459,000 baht (PKR 36.77 lac), and the mid-spec 2.7L petrol variant is priced between 487,000 baht (PKR 39.01 lac) and 499,000 baht (PKR 39.97 lac). The top-spec 2.4L diesel variants are priced between 499,000 baht (PKR 39.97 lac) and 577,000 baht (PKR 46.22 lac).

Toyota Hilux Champ Attracktive Package

After Thailand, the 2024 Toyota Hilux Champ is set to be introduced in other ASEAN markets including Indonesia and the Philippines. It remains to be seen if Toyota will introduce the new pickup in other regions of the world.

Toyota Hilux Champ Attracktive Package 2

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