Isuzu D-MAX in Thailand Keeping Toyota Hilux in Rear-View Mirror

The 3rd generation Isuzu D-Max continues to create problems for Toyota Hilux in the Southeast Asian region. The latest sales data from Thailand shows that D-Max has once again managed to edge past the Hilux in July sales with 8,551 units compared to 8,312 units of the Toyota rival.

Sales Report Pickup July 23

While the lead in July sales is marginal, the sales from January 2023 through July show that the D-Max is well ahead of the Hilux. With 75,231 units sold, the Isuzu D-Max maintains a 9% lead over the Toyota Hilux which saw 67,094 units in Thailand as of the first 7 months of this calendar year.

ยอดขายกระบะ กรกฎาคม 2566

Since its introduction in November 2019, the third-generation Isuzu D-Max has proven to be a nightmare for the Toyota Hilux throughout Southeast Asia, notably in Thailand and Malaysia, where the Hilux, like most other markets, was previously known to be a sales champion.


Interestingly Isuzu, particularly the new D-Max pickup truck has been doing exceptionally well in Southeast Asian markets, however, the performance of Isuzu in our part of the world, including India and Pakistan is literally contrasting. Not to mention the automaker is still dragging the obsolete 2nd-gen model in our region instead of launching the current one.

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Over here the D-max is considered among the slowest-selling vehicles ever since it made its debut in 2018. In the recently concluded FY23, the Isuzu D-Max saw just 194 units sold throughout the fiscal year, which happens to be 59% less than the 473 units it sold a year earlier in the entire FY22. D-Max’s average monthly sales for FY23 came to just 16.1 units, which is, to put it mildly, quite awful.

isuzu dmax pk

To effectively compete with the Hilux and, if not outsell it in terms of sales, at least achieve some respectable sales statistics, the company may want to think about introducing the new 3rd-gen model. However, from the looks of it, Isuzu is quite satisfied selling 16 odd units each month of a globally obsolete model in Pakistan.

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