Isuzu D-Max Thumping Sales in Malaysian Market

The latest generation Isuzu D-Max is absolutely owning it in most regional markets. After snatching the title of bestselling pickup truck from Toyota Hilux in Thailand, the D-Max has racked up 4,237 new registrations during the first 6 months of this year in Malaysia, marking a whopping 143% growth over the same period in 2021.

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More interestingly, the D-Max saw 4,601-units sold throughout 2021 (8 months since D-Max was launched in Malaysia in April 2021), and it has achieved almost equal to that within just 6 months of this year. Not only does it move it up to third spot in the pick-up segment in Malaysian market, it sets the company up for a record-breaking year.

2021 Isuzu D MAX Available Malaysia 59

According to Malaysia’s motoring portals, the 3rd gen Isuzu D-Max has redefined the way pick-up trucks look, feel and perform. Isuzu has been able to engineer greater capabilities into the new D-Max while refining its comfort, safety and driving pleasure. According to Chief Executive Officer Shunsuke Okazoe:

“Since the introduction of the all-new Isuzu D-Max, we have seen a growing interest in pick-up truck usage, particularly from first-time buyers and upgraders who have been impressed by the way the new D-Max has blurred the lines between a tough and capable pick-up truck and the comfort and sophistication of a family saloon.”


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With its remarkably flexible engine performance, exemplary fuel efficiency, clockwork reliability and the commanding the lowest road tax in the market, the 1.9L Blue Power variants have been the most popular choice among Malaysians, accounting for nearly 80% of total sales. The flagship X-Terrain variant has made tremendous inroads as well, making up 10% of the total volume. This is a significant achievement for Isuzu considering that it never had a strong offering in the lifestyle segment all this while, concentrating on dependable workhorses in its earlier iterations.

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With 8 variants to choose from, the 3rd gen Isuzu D-Max range is designed to offer users the ideal vehicle to suit their needs. Most of the range offer 4×4 capability with a sole 4×2 automatic variant available to provide long-distance travelers and urban users the flexibility and versatility while enjoying lower running costs.

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