Toyota to Spin Off Century as Ultra-Luxury Brand Above Lexus

Japanese automaker Toyota is considering to spin off Century as an ultra-luxury brand positioned above Lexus. Luxury vehicles under the Century brand will be exported around the world, including Middle East Europe, and the Americas.

Even while Lexus is known for producing high-end cars that may rival traditional German models, most consumers might be surprised to learn that a Lexus can cost more than $200,000. Since Toyota plans to sell the Century for close to that sum, it is reportedly looking into the prospect of turning the name into a standalone brand.

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The recently unveiled Century SUV, which is already devoid of Toyota badges, is expected to serve as an introduction to international customers for the Century nameplate before it becomes a separate brand under which multiple luxurious vehicles will be marketed. This information was obtained from an executive who spoke to Forbes on the condition of anonymity at the Tokyo Auto Salon. The brand will reportedly produce even more expensive and impressive vehicles than Lexus.

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The Century moniker has a rich history that dates back to 1967, when Toyota’s top chauffeur-driven vehicle, a limousine, was first produced under that name. Initially available with a V8 engine, the elegant Century sedan eventually featured a V12 option until, in more recent versions, switching to a hybrid V8 drivetrain. The model line has now undergone three generational upgrades, and it is currently a large SUV with a sliding door in its fourth generation.

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The first generation of the Century was introduced in 1967 with a V8 engine

The Century is a meaningful vehicle from Toyota; it’s not just a Lexus with luxuriant carpeting and a sexier interior. A handpicked group of 40 workers, who must pass exams to be eligible to work for the team, build these SUVs. When it comes to precisely assembling parts and tightening nuts, they can take up to 12 times longer than workers on other lines. Due in part to this meticulous attention to detail, the retail price of the Century is anticipated to be approximately $170,000, whilst the production vehicles based on the Century GRMN concept will be approximately $220,000.

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