Honda Sales in Pakistan Hit Rock Bottom

While the auto sector as a whole is struggling and all auto manufacturers experience major sales declines, Honda Atlas, the smallest of Pakistan’s Big 3 assemblers, is bearing the brunt of these challenges.

Data released by PAMA (Pakistan Automobile Manufacturers Association) show Honda sales numbers hitting alarmingly low levels. The situation is so bad, that as of the first 6 months of this fiscal year, less than 5,000 cumulative units of 4 locally assembled Honda models have been sold.

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The Civic & City duo saw only 3,938 units sold between July and December 2023 resulting in a dismal monthly sales average of 328 units for each one of these models. This is 56% less than the 8,906 units sold in the same period of the previous fiscal year.

honda civic city

The scenario for HR-V and BR-V is significantly worse. These two together saw only 947 units sold in 6M-FY23/24 averaging only 78 units a month each. This is 57% less than the 2,197 units sold in the corresponding period of the previous fiscal year.

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The dismal sales have caused the quarterly profits of Honda to decline by 82%. Still thankfully for the company, the absurdly high car prices have helped the company suffer only a decline in profits otherwise a loss seemed unavoidable with such terrible numbers.

The primary reason behind the steep downfall of Honda sales in Pakistan is insanely high prices, obsolete models, and lack of features & equipment on offer. This comes in addition to industry-wide challenges such as import restrictions, supply chain disruptions, and non-production days. While both City and BR-V are obsolete models on sale only in Pakistan, the HR-V and Civic are hugely underequipped and cost a fortune. And in the presence of other quality options in the given price range, Honda cars appear bland and unappealing.

honda br v cover

So far, Honda hasn’t done anything out of the box to revive the ailing sales. It looks as if there is no Plan B and the company is contended with dismal sales numbers and looks more keen on a “wait & hope for the best” approach rather than to work hard to improve its offerings in Pakistan. To overcome the challenges faced in the Pakistani market, Honda should have considered various strategies.

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Firstly, reevaluating their pricing strategies to align with market expectations and competitors’ offerings can increase affordability and attract potential buyers. Secondly, updating the lineup with smaller and fuel-efficient models like Brio and N-One will enable Honda to address the evolving demands of Pakistani consumers and regain its competitive edge. What is your opinion regarding the declining sales of Honda in Pakistan, let us know with your comments.

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